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Go to the bee, thou poet: consider her ways and be wise.

Tanner in Man and Superman (Act II) by George Bernard Shaw


The dark European honey bee is endemic in a region ranging from central Russia over Northern Europe to Spain. Within the last two hundred centuries, beekeepers imported bees from other parts of the world why the dark bee almost got extinct. A rising number of projects and beekeepers aim to safeguard the dark bee and I try to make my small contribution to this effort.

Practical insights on the dark bee, beekeeping and honey as well as reflections on why bees are a prominent object of study of complexity science follow shortly, including reading recommendations. Until then, please enjoy the below video of dark bees walking into their new home. For more professional and illuminating photographs you may also want to order yourself a copy of Eric Tourneret's "Les routes du miel" or "Le génie des abeilles" and Ingo Arndt's "Wild Honey Bees: An Intimate Portrait".

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